Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cash 4 Clunkers.....

I told my DH several weeks ago that this whole deal would turn into more debt for more people who could not afford it! Yeah,=more bad loans!

1) If people could AFFORD a new car, they are going to go buy it anyway! This is just going to be an incentive for more bad loans like the housing problem.
2)The government is in too much debt to buy these cars!
3)I don't want the government and green people telling me to drive a cracker box- my whole family won't even fit in one of those "pregnant roller skates"! (Seriously, have you seen those little penny racers?)
4)The government not only has to pay for the cars they can't afford, but they have to pay someone to run this program!
5)What are they going to do with these cars? I heard they are going to disable them and junk them. What kind of green program is that? And that means our tax dollars are literally paying for TRASH IN THE JUNK YARD!

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