Monday, August 3, 2009

Michael Savage says...

...Liberalism is a mental disorder. Up until recently, I've laughed at this when I heard it.

But in the last few weeks, I've purposely put myself into some situations with liberals. I have been amazed, over and over, at something that seems common among them.

The one common denominator, in every one of them, is they base their reasoning on how they feel. If they feel sorry, sympathetic, superior, inferior, etc. then they will rule and base decisions on those emotions. If you present facts, evidence, statistics, numbers- they blow a gasket! They will call you names, insult you, and when all else fails they will accuse you of listening to biased news media outlets. (As if they are not being programmed by biased media.)

Now I will admit, trying to think as opposed to ruling with feelings is a difficult thing but it is most important that it be a learned behavior.

Well, for the politically minded person, what if you are on a jury one day where you are faced with judging a terrorist? His mother comes and cries, his wife, his children, and his brothers and sisters. His appearance is clean cut, he speaks well, he seems like a humble person and often makes references to his god. How will you rule? Based on pity for him? Based on the law? Based on his actions and the facts?

As for the Christian person, this must be a little of what Paul spoke of when he made the comment about dying daily and beating his body under subjection. Feelings and emotions will steer you down a wrong path. You may feel like you need 'help' and turn to drugs or alcohol. You may feel like you don't love your spouse and then feel as though you love someone else. Your feelings and what IS RIGHT can be opposed to one another and its vital for the believer to learn to override his/her feelings.

You CAN get up everyday and DO RIGHT! You CAN love others in word and in deed when you FEEL turmoil within yourself. You CAN live right by simply saying NO to temptation. You CAN, you Can, YOU CAN!

You can walk by faith and not by sight- or feelings!

Hard? Yes!
Impossible? NO!

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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