Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is it possible?

Is it possible for our government to be 'conservative' in a day when the church has gone so liberal?

As much as I want 'political revival', I desire 'spiritual revival' even more.

I find it hard to believe that men can stand against the political evils of this day for long, without the help of the Lord. It seems that ignorance truly is bliss, and once that bliss has taken over one's mind- they can't seem to come back out of it! (Those of you who have tried to 'reason' with a liberal know exactly what I mean.)

We live in a day where the spiritual link is often weak, therefore our morals are weak, which makes us susceptible to cave in to political pressures because those weaknesses are the weapons of choice. Here's how it works:nudity is slapped in a man's face on every corner, his religion is liberal, he falls, those in political power use his moral failure against him. He's done! At least he's done standing for anything since he can't "live what he preaches''- so they say.

Now, one could argue, is a man's political views wrong because he had a moral failure? But that is not my point right now.

My point is the doctrines in the modern church right now. They are weak. They are unBiblical and therefore, they cannot stand nor can they hold one up, because they are not truly God's. God's Word- His real Words are the only source of this kind of strength.

Here is what we are hearing in the church today;
"that Scripture doesn't matter anymore"
"oh, that verse was meant for that day and that culture"
"that's not what that verse (chapter) means"
"this is what so and so teaches"
"this is what *book* says"
"well that's not what seminary teaches"
"in college we learned..."
And the quotes go on and on.

...and the leaders! The leaders are people citing new age teachers! Yes, new age teachers= non-Christians. (Blind leading blind.)

The preachers- TBN- of whom even the world knows is corrupt! The world associates TV preachers with people hustling money out of the gullible. (Every few months there's some new song out in the world or a show on TV that just mocks these manipulators!)

The Christian world seems to HAVE to pick a 'top dog' but this dog is in fact a wolf! Wolf- uhmm Warren. You HAVE to worry about a man who wants to buddy up and have peace talks with the U.N. (He promotes growth and numbers above Salvation and Sanctification!)

What's my point to you? To myself even?

God help us, to pull ourselves away from all of this world and into His Word and not fall for a faith of fashion! I don't want a fashionable, trendy faith! I want a real one, grounded in real truth, fed by the Real Word of God!

I want that for my home, my family. I want that for my husband and my children. How can I help them? How can I encourage them?

Jack Hyles preached a sermon entitled something like; "What more could have been done?"
Is there more I can do to encourage Godliness and purity in my family? How can I help my husband live for Christ and promote the Gospel? How can I train five boys to serve the Lord with all of their heart? How can I teach one little girl how to be a Godly servant for Christ?

And that, is what I leave you with:
Is it possible? Possible to do more? Possible to teach them the fear of God? Possible to impact our homes, children, husband, our world?
Phil 4:13

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