Friday, September 18, 2009

Joe Wilson-

Why should he have to bow to Nancy Pelosi? He apologized once- and for the record if he HADN'T apologized, I just might have put him on my personal "heroes list", but he did bow once so... why should he have to do it again?!!??! He called the White House, asked for the big guy, didn't get him, so he apologized to Rahm Emmanuel- done deal!

See, the liberals don't have to bow and they don't have to apologize, typically- UNLESS ITS A REAL BAD BLUNDER (such as the big O and the white cop-black professor deal). But where was the apologies for Harry Reid's comments about Bush? Or where is the apology from Kerry about our (beloved) troops? They say what they want, when they want- and its over.

Now, I get J.C.Watts' point of view. He says that just because the Dems do it, doesn't mean the Repubs should BUT- we are in a bigger battle than etiquette right now, don't you think? In fact, I think we should consider ourselves at war against liberalism. ...War gets ugly and you fight to win. The 'bad guys' often set the rules in war, don't you think?

When a bad guy breaks into our homes (God forbid), do we say "now, now let's talk about this because I wouldn't break into your house so you shouldn't break into mine"?

When fighting terrorism, do we argue and say "now we don't do it that way, that's against the rules"? NO! ...At least we shouldn't.

There comes a time, when you have to fight to win. Not appease- WIN!

Do you remember how God instructed battles in the O.T.? Now, I know there are some softies who just know "thou shalt not kill" is the only rule- but when God ordered 'war', He instructed them to take out ALL the enemies. He was brutal!

I know there are others who think the only rule is "turn the other cheek", but ..Jesus was not passive. Even His silence was LOUD. ...Jesus defended His Father's House and He even called people names and said things that were not 'politically correct'. There is a reason and a time and place to get stirred.

Is the time and place when the 'leader' is being dishonest? Is the time and place when the people are about to be severely oppressed?(High taxes are oppression!) Is the time and place when the 'leader' is for the killing of (aborted) babies born alive? Is the time and place when the leaders are leading down a path that the majority of this country doesn't want (according to the poles)?

I don't want political conservatives to cower and fear, for the liberals are but mere men. And while I do recognize that there are powers and principalities behind them, I also know that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

May God help them to stand, in this day. May God give them courage.

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