Thursday, October 1, 2009

What on earth are they thinking???

I heard several reports today about Generals in the military asking for more troops. The 'majority' elected a President that said Afghanistan was 'primary'.
Now that same President can't seem to get more troops in Afghanistan in a hurried fashion!??!!??! It really unnerves me that our troops would be sent in harm's way and not get what they need to WIN. If they ask for a Big Mac- they outta get it! They are hunting down our enemies! Enemies of the free world! Why don't they stop wasting our tax dollars on things that we don't want and send the support to our troops?!!??!

You know, I've read cook books written around WWII that spoke of rationing certain foods to make sure that ample supplies were sent to the troops. I dare say that the majority of us still feel that way. Our troops should come first!

....Nope, instead he seems more focused on getting the Olympics held in sin-city Chicago!
-Chicago!?!!?! Now I wonder why he made that very interesting choice!?!?!?

Weren't there like hundreds of murders last year in Chicago? Like over 400?!!?!

That brings me to another thought- The city of Chicago has some of the strictest gun bans. ....There was a town in TN that banned guns in the park.- The next day, they had an armed robbery. ...See, the bad guys don't follow the laws- SO WHY NOT LET THE GOOD GUYS HAVE THE GUNS SO THE BAD GUYS CAN BE STOPPED???? Don't they know a gun would detour some of their criminal activity?

Maybe I listened to too much news today. -sigh-

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