Saturday, July 4, 2009

Displaced honor......

I saw where the House of Representatives held a moment of silence for Michael Jackson.

The "media" continues to nearly worship a president that thinks we can get out of debt by spending!

.....but, while life rolls on, business as usual, and people in high places continue to play politics... a REAL hero lost his life.

Oh great one, oh media, where are you? See all, hear all, tell all...but yet you missed the best story of them all!

I do not understand where the media sets its balance for standards.

When we look at Jackson and his life, his decisions, his troubles, and his death.... he just does not seem to be the "hero" type to me. What part of his life would I want my children to imitate? Uhm, the way he dances? Nope, don't even want them to see that- one "move" in particular. Let's see...his songs? Uhm...abstract this and that from sex to rebellion. I think I'll pass! Let's see his morals--- let's just don't go there. His stability- Ha! Not applicable. Hmm, his integrity? Let's see- he's had some crazy accusations on him...he died "loaded"- and I don't mean with cash! And he 'LOVED' sleeping with kids, boys in particular. Wacky at best! ...There's a few other things I'm thinking on here, but...well... Ok, I'll go ahead with just one... His plastic surgeries? Absolutely nothing to be proud of there! His eyes look like a woman, his chin has a cleft, and his nose looks like an elf! ...Well, its the truth and even he knew it! All those face wraps weren't just for fun- he knew they botched him up!

Whew! Boy did I digress!

My point is- he was an entertainer. He was not hero material. He hired people to put his music together.

When you look up the definition in Merriam-Webster for hero; you would have to add more to the definition in order to add Michael Jackson.

REAL heroes do something for their fellow man. They put others first. They sacrifice. They do something noble or something brave. They "lay down their own life" , not insist that others risk theirs in order to get them drugs! They don't dangle babies from balconies, they rather fight for souls in the balance! They don't keep spending money they don't have, rather they store up treasures in heaven!

Where is your priorities media people? What or who is determining the criteria for your choices in heroes?

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